Through The Branches Of One Life 2013

by Ergot

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Remastered Version Of The First Demo "Through The Branches Of One Life" dated 2010. Re-recorded with better quality! DOWNLOAD is FREE!! !!!OTHERWISE!!! YOU CAN PAY HOW MUCH YOU LIKE THROUGH PAYPAL to



released November 17, 2013



all rights reserved


Ergot Trieste, Italy

Black Metal One Man Band from Trieste, North Italy. A lot of influence from BM 90s, Epic Parts, Ambient elements, Natura's sounds.

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Track Name: The Source Of All The Evil
Since the time of Creation
We live in chaos made up of lies
Justice often can't see the right
maybe you can take revenge

Kill your enemies and drink their blood
Someone see your wicked time
Someone scream for all you do
Another proof to show your game

Ancients put the God on earth
to justify their dirty blame
A nation has followed this stupid sequence
but soon the Devil comes

Rape, Hate
Reduce the slaves
serve your lord
Hail to him

One more step ahead
One more step to kill
Drink the blood for honour
Eat the corpse for Glory

Blasphemy is my habit
I love to play with fire
The way to desecrate
Near the Lord of pain

Rape, Hate
Reduce the slaves
serve your lord
Hail to him
Track Name: Through The Branches Of One Life
Engulfed by the fog like a nightmare in the mind
The leaves of trees stood still and my blood opened some venis
A mystic power came, but i could feel only the breathe
Nothing was remain beside the pure insanity of life.

Raw bays all around
Beats of light in the sky
The desolation rised
The Insanity toke life

Walking without way, some flash from the past
The socery was true, Witches have never lied
A diabolical conspiracy attacked my brain
I couldn't recognize anyone

Only birds could see
The agony inside me
Through the branches and some leaves
When I see some things
I prefer to stay alone
to avoid the genoicide